Nam Houai Long weir in Savannakhet transferred

(KPL) Nam Houai Long weir in Outhomphone district, Savannakhet province, was transferred to local authorities for further use and management after the construction completed two months ago.
The hand-over ceremony of the weir was held at Napho village, Outhomphone district.
This weir would benefit local farmers of Napho village in agriculture and animal husbandry, which will generate income to their families and enable them to attain sufficiency in rice production.
The weir construction began in 2008 and completed in June 2009, and was funded by the World Vision and local contribution of 219 million kip.
The weir has an irrigation capacity of 12,000 cubic metres and can feed the plantation of cash crops on two hectares and 15 ha of dry-season rice cultivation.