HIV/AIDS/STI Control Centre receives 600,000 Euro from CMCL to treating HIV/AIDS in Laos

(KPL) AIDS STI Control Centre received 600,000 Euro from the Christophe Merieux Centre Laos (CMCL) to assist in diagnosing and treating HIV/AIDS in Laos.
The grant finance will assist in the diagnosing of HIV/AIDS using the virus viral load method that can also assist in determining an effective method of treatment if a positive test is returned.In the past periods the centre had to send blood samples for testing in Thailand, which cost is USD 100 per test. The grant assistance will help the patients to spend only USD 20 per test.
MOU was signed in Vientiane Capital on 5 August between Head of the HIV/AIDS/STI Control Centre, Dr. Chansy Phimphachanh and Director of CMCL, Mr. Ot Manolin among the witness of both sides.
HIV/AIDS/STI Control Centre undertakes numerous activities and prevents, treat and diagnose HIV/AIDS in Laos. According to states centre, in the first six months of last year has 145 people between the ages of 15 to 35 tested positive for HIV, 55 percent were female. In 1990 to June 2008 has 2.858 people in Laos tested positive for HIV. Of these 1,837 cases developed in to AIDS and 873 people died from the virus.
Worldwide, the virus affects over 33 million people and an average of 14,000 people becomes infected every day.